The treatment of roots and herbs can turn into big health problems

Why do some people herbal medicine helps to recover and the other does not Bode well.

Лечение корешками и травками может обернуться большими проблемами со здоровьем

Herbalism is perhaps one of the most ancient methods of application of treatments. Many of us in early childhood grandmother molded on the grazed knee plantain leaf or brewed before bed of fragrant herbal tea. It would seem, what could be cozier, warmer and harmless this herbal medicine? And yet there is something to pay attention to. After all, victims of the herbal treatment can be not much less than people who are herbal medicine helped.

First, people not always can correctly diagnose myself. And when he drinks, for example, a decoction of yarrow from pain in the stomach, it does not cure the actual cause of these pains and even triggers the disease. Perhaps, there is little reason to take a harmless weed for prevention, but if you experience health problems, it would be correct to refer to a specialist.

The apparent harmlessness of herbs – another dangerous side herbal medicines. For example, the plant pink periwinkle is composed of an alkaloid, which is successfully fighting the tumor. It is actively used in the treatment of cancer. But doctors know that this substance successfully destroys healthy cells, so they can find the right dosage, and your neighbor does not. The same applies to the use of the Lily from the heart, willow bark for pain of the joints and many other plants from many diseases. Be sure to discuss with a specialist the indications and safe dosage of this or any other herbal. Perhaps, without prescription, you can use certain herbs for topical application and vitamin fees. It is important to remember that you may receive a severe Allergy!