The Trudeau 2 aircraft, W – dual citizen… who to choose? (PHOTO)

У Трюдо 2 самолета, Шир – двойной гражданин… кого выбрать?  (ФОТО)

During the Federal election campaign, all major party leaders today are making claims, returning to normal after the debate Wednesday night and two days of revelations about the planes and passports.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau as part of a tour of Quebec distributes political promises in Quebec city, then go East to Rimouski.

He will try to smooth out the negative statements from conservatives about the fact that he is a hypocrite, since his campaign is served by two aircraft instead of the usual “one-airplane” option.

Conservative Andrew Scheer is in Toronto, where his performances will start from airport and end with a rally in Pioneer village, the politician will make every effort to make voters forgot that it was called a hypocrite for dual citizenship that confirms your U.S. passport in his name while his party was told off the other politicians on the same grounds.

The leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh will visit Saskatoon, then going back East to thunder Bay, with a story about how it will contribute to “strengthening of public services”.

And Green, Elizabeth Mae spends most of his time in debates at the local level in their trip to Vancouver island, but threatens to make a statement to Victoria about planting trees.