The truth about activated carbon: detox or harm?

Recently on the activated carbon occurred in a feeding frenzy – it can be found not only in pharmacies, but the most common foods. That only is the ice cream with activated charcoal or soft drinks served in trendy bars. But what scientists think about this method to “clean” the body? Nothing good.

Вся правда об активированном угле: детокс или вред?

Activated carbon is used for a very long time, is another snag – no doctor it never means as preventive medicine. Basically activated carbon is used as a drug in cases of poisoning and intoxications.

How does activated charcoal?

Activated carbon, and unlike the usual, has a porous structure. It arises from the fact that it is treated at high temperatures. Thanks to this structure, it absorbs a particle that comes in it way.
Currently, there are no studies on the effect of activated charcoal on the human body. “Collect” it can only be in the stomach and intestines, and the so-called “household toxins”, which supposedly cleans the coal (according to supporters of his permanent reception), accumulate in the lungs, bronchi, cardiovascular system.

Not only harmful, but also useful

Activated carbon collects not only harmful, but also useful compounds. For example, it can interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. So what are the foods with the addition of coal = not good, but harm.
If you want to use charcoal, use for cosmetic purposes – it perfectly cleanses the skin.