The truth about broccoli and black coffee

Scientists from the U.S. have found a gene that is responsible for sensitivity to bitter taste. The presence of one or other variant of this gene would mean for man love or hatred for bitter foods – broccoli, coffee, beer, spinach, etc.

Правда о брокколи и черном кофе

Scientists from the American heart Association of Philadelphia was found that the gene TAS2R38 is responsible for encoding the protein in our taste buds. From parents can be transferred to one of the types of gene — AVI and PAV.
Those who got the AVI, will gladly eat broccoli, leafy greens, drink black coffee and beer. Those who went to the PAV, will find the taste of these foods too bitter and unpleasant.
If there are two types of the gene at the same time, the person will be of intermediate sensitivity to the bitter taste, and also different ways to sense the bitterness in different products.

Love or hate green vegetables

The gene TAS2R38 may be present in different amounts. If the big man is difficult to force to eat green vegetables, especially broccoli. Scientists have suggested that TAS2R38 was necessary for the survival of ancient people – helped to distinguish the bitter from the non-edible plants edible.

Advice to nutritionists

“Choosing a healthy diet for the heart is one way of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Taste is an important factor when choosing food. Genetic variants that affect the taste, can be associated with food choice in people with risk of cardiovascular diseases.” – the study says.

The authors advised nutritionists take into account the characteristics of the gene, with the appointment of a diet to their patients. It is useless to advise to eat more broccoli and spinach, if the person still will not be able to comply with such a regime, debt time.