The truth: the leader of the Conservative Party lacks nuances on the deaths during the pandemic

The truth: Conservative Party leader lacks nuance on pandemic deaths ;mie


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During his appearance on the show Cinq chefs, unelectionon Radio-Canada on Sunday, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, downplayed the effectiveness of health measures against COVID-19.

“Quebec was the place in Canada that had the strictest sanitary measures. Yet we have the worst per capita balance sheet, ”he said.

The host Anne-Marie Dussault tried to contradict him and he hammered: “there are more deaths per capita in Quebec due to COVID and then we had much more severe sanitary measures.”


Right time: Conservative Party leader lacks nuance on pandemic deaths

It's true that Quebec is the Canadian province that has officially had the most deaths from COVID-19 per capita, with 189 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, but there is an important nuance. impose.

Mr. Duhaime does not necessarily use the best indicator to assess the severity of the impact of the pandemic. Indeed, as the screening is not the same everywhere, the strict comparison of the number of deaths from one province to another or even from one country to another is difficult. 

“By comparing the total number of deaths observed during a period of crisis with that which one would normally have expected, the calculation of excess mortality makes it possible to estimate the net effect of this crisis on mortality”, indicates the Quebec Institute of Statistics (ISQ).

Thus, the regions that would have underestimated their number of deaths from COVID-19 can therefore be better compared with those that have counted them all.

When comparing Quebec with the rest of Canada, we note that the first wave hit us more strongly, but that for the subsequent waves, “excess mortality there then remained at a level generally lower than in the other regions of Canada, with the exception of the provinces of 'Atlantic, where excess mortality remained very low,' indicates the ISQ.

The number of deaths in Quebec during the first 18 months of the pandemic was 3.7% higher than the number expected of death. For the same period, this rate was 4.7% for the rest of Canada, and 16.8% for the United States.

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