The truth: the number of hospital beds per inhabitants has increased compared to what Anglade said

Timeliness: The number of hospital beds per capita has increased; compared to what Anglade said

and Nicolas Brasseur MISE À DAY

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The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) presented its health access plan during a press briefing in Vaudreuil-Dorion on Friday morning. 

Party leader Dominique Anglade said: “We need to increase our hospital capacity with the addition of 4,000 beds. Today, we have about 1.8 beds per 1000 inhabitants. We need to increase that to 2.5 beds.” 


Right time: the number of hospital beds per capita has increased compared to ; what Anglade said

The figures of the leader of the PLQ are not up to date. Indeed, the 1.8 beds per 1000 inhabitants put forward by Ms. Anglade is presented in an article in La Presse dating from January 2022.

However, the proportion has since increased slightly, to 2.07 beds per 1,000 inhabitants as of September 5, according to data from the dashboard of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The number presented is the number of beds available, therefore the number of beds that are served by nursing staff.

Today, there are 17,601 beds available in Quebec hospitals, a higher number than that considered by Ms. Anglade in her analysis, which is 16,093. 

Note that it is also possible to measure the rate per 1000 inhabitants of the network with the number of beds permit. This is the theoretical capacity of the network, which is 21,692 beds for physical and psychological care. The rate would then be around 2.5 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. 

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