The TV station cut the scene with the tramp from the movie ‘home Alone-2’: the President’s reaction

One of the most popular comedies “home Alone 2” is a canadian TV channel CBC cut the scene with Donald trump. The film was shown at Christmas. The decision of the channel was surprised by supporters of the American President. About it writes BBC.

Телеканал вырезал сцену с Трампом из фильма 'Один дома-2': реакция президента

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It’s not politics and money, insist the canadian broadcasting Corporation — as explained by the CBC representative Chuck Thompson, a two-hour movie was cut to 8 minutes for the sake of advertising.

“The stage with Donald trump and a few others cut from the film, since no one in the story was not important. This was done in 2014, when we first got the rights to the film and even before trump became President,” he defended the decision of the TV channel Thomson.

Released in 1992 the original version of “home Alone 2: Lost in new York,” trump appears for a few seconds in the lobby of a posh new York hotel Plaza Hotel, where the main character Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, he asks where the registration Desk.

“Down the hall and to the left” — that is the only line of trump, who at the time was a prominent businessman and hotel owner.

The trump called the film a big Christmas hit and said that he considered it a great honor to do it.

“I starred in the movie “home Alone-2”. A regularly I remember it, especially during the Christmas period. They say, especially the children: “I just saw you in a movie”. They notice me more in a movie than just on TV. But it’s a good movie, and I was younger, to put it mildly. And it was an honor to play in it,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly played himself, particularly in such films as “the Exemplary male” (Zoolander) and “Ghosts do not” (Ghosts Can’t Do It).

The decision to remove trump’s cameo from the film attracted criticism from supporters of the American President. Son of trump, Donald trump Jr., called the move “pathetic and worthless”.

Телеканал вырезал сцену с Трампом из фильма 'Один дома-2': реакция президента

Screenshot: Twitter/@DonaldJTrumpJr

Charlie Clark from the organization that unites American conservatives have noticed that the stage cut, “because it shows the human face of who the left love to put inhumane.”

The President trump later also responded to the news, tvitov that this “film will never be the same (kidding!)”.

Телеканал вырезал сцену с Трампом из фильма 'Один дома-2': реакция президента

Screenshot: Twitter/@realDonaldTrump

Trump also allowed the pin to the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he had a number of disagreements on many fundamental issues: “I Think Justin T is not very much that I’m forcing him to fork out for NATO or trade.”