The U.S. court decided to disclose tax returns trump, but immediately followed by a temporary ban on the decision (PHOTO)

Суд США постановил раскрыть налоговые декларации Трампа, но тут же последовал временный запрет на это решение (ФОТО)

In the courts of new York on Monday, October 7, was another legal battle on the issue of disclosing tax returns USA the Donald trump.

Trump during his campaign refused to publish tax returns. Then democratic congressmen asked to reveal these documents, but in early may the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin rejected their request. But a court in Washington allowed American lawmakers to request the relevant documents, starting in 2011, the firm Mazars, which was engaged in financial statements of trump. And the district attorney of Manhattan Cyrus Vance was sent to the American division based in France of the firm Mazars on the agenda with the requirement to provide data on tax deductions of trump and his company the Trump Organization over the past eight years.

In response to this request, Donald trump filed a lawsuit demanding to invalidate such attempts the disclosure of his tax returns.

Considering this claim, the Federal court for the southern district of new York court on Monday decided to refuse the President in his lawsuit to stop its consideration.

Judge Victor Marrero said that he did not see any damage to the President of the United States in the case of publication of information about his tax deductions. In its ruling noted that the requirement to recognize the illegal actions of the Prosecutor, Vance “beyond the powers of the Executive branch”, as the court can forbid to send requests for information about the American leader.

In turn, trump’s lawyers stated that attorney Vance contradict the U.S. Constitution, as the law prohibits the investigation of the criminal case against the incumbent President of the country. And since Vance is the Democratic party, not the Republicans, from whom the presidency fell the trump, the defense has insisted in court on the political motivation of this case.

Immediately after the decision of the Federal court for the southern district of new York lawyers for trump filed papers in the court of appeals for the Second circuit of the United States, which is also in new York.

In the end, the court of appeals in new York city promptly suspended the decision of the Federal court. While an appeal filed by lawyers for trump, to the publication of the declarations of the President imposed a temporary ban.

And the trump in his Twitter called the actions of the Federal court by the machinations of the Democrats. “Radical left-wing Democrats have failed on all fronts, so they put pressure on local prosecutors Democrats in the city and state of new York to those pursued by President trump. Nothing like that happened with any of the presidents,” trump wrote.