The U.S. government has begun the process of execution of the deportation’s Butinai in Russia (PHOTO)

Власти США начали процесс оформления депортации Марии Бутиной в Россию (ФОТО)

Immigration and customs service under the Department of homeland security U.S. immigration filed a notice with the 30-year-old Russian Maria Butina for its transfer to this Department with the purpose of detention until the deportation to Russia. This was announced on Thursday TASS in the us immigration Department.

“Immigration and customs service filed an immigration notice to the citizen of Russia Maria Bucino and would seek her deportation after she completes sentence. For reasons of security operations Immigration and customs service does not discuss specific procedures of deportation to be made successful the person’s return to the Motherland”, – said in a statement.

Immigration and customs service delivers the notification in respect of persons who were arrested on criminal charges and in respect of which it has reasonable grounds to believe that they are aliens facing deportation. The notification contains a request to another law enforcement Agency in advance to inform the Immigration and customs service to release the person and leave the foreigner in custody for a short period of time that Immigration and customs service “could take that person into custody in a safe and secure condition immediately after release by that office,” said TASS representative of the Immigration and customs service.

As reported earlier, the official representative of Butenai in Moscow, Alexander Ionov, she has signed documents on release from prison. It is assumed that it will be released on October 25. Further Butina will be taken to one of the cities in the US, where sent to Russia. Ions did not rule out that she may be deported from new York.

Mary Butina was arrested in Washington July 15, 2018 on the eve of the meeting of the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki. She was charged with participating in a conspiracy with the purpose of acting in favor of a foreign state on the territory of the United States. Moscow described allegations against Butynol as trumped-up and demanded her release from custody.

A native of Barnaul Maria Butina came to the US to study. She got in the spring of 2018 master’s degree in one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education Washington – the American University where he studied international relations.

U.S. prosecutors argued that a person of Butina allegedly entered into a criminal conspiracy, is a “Russian official”. Under this designation is hidden, as suggested, the former Senator Alexander Torshin, who’s assistant a few years were Butina.

Later Torshin held the position of Chairman of the Central Bank, and at the end of November 2018 resigned. His dismissal coincided with the emergence in the media that former protege Torshin willing to testify in a us court.

About Mary Butina known that she grew up in a family entrepreneur, and she owned a family furniture stores, and began to make a political career. In 2008 Butina received the position of adviser to the member of the Public chamber of the Altai territory, and then for two years was a member of the OP and managed the press service of the chamber.

At the age of 22 years Butina has sold six of its furniture stores, participated in the primaries of the “Young guard “United Russia” and in 2011 he moved to Moscow. Then she founded the public organization “gun rights” and advertising Agency “Antares”, where he worked for the same people, according to radio station “Freedom”.

One of the friends of Butynol told “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that immediately after moving to Moscow Mary “began to swing the topic of weapons in Russia is obviously a failure”.

However, this issue was allowed to get into the National rifle Association of America, and then “implemented” in the American establishment.

Even then, Mary could be influential patrons. “There were rumors that she was the difficult kind” – said a former colleague of Butynol for work in Moscow. The very same Mary “said that she has all the inputs and outputs in the Parliament, the government, everywhere she was given the green light,” added her friend.

Note that the alleged patron of Butynol Alexander Torshin has a mixed reputation. For example, he appears in the Spanish investigation concerning the activities of the “Russian mafia”. In 2010-2013, the future Chairman of the Central Bank allegedly gave instructions to the members of the “Taganskaya” OPG ” to launder money through banks and buying property in Spain.” Torshin was even called “the Treasurer of the mafia.”

Moreover, Torshin performed sensitive tasks, including work of the Russian special services, where he held the position of Vice-speaker of the Federation Council. Then he headed the Commission on investigation of the Beslan terrorist attack. The findings of the Commission and the affected independent experts considered biased and prejudiced.

As Torshin, Butina became a life member of the National rifle Association (NSA) of the United States. She began to have contact in this organization in 2013 and has accepted in Moscow delegation. Starting in 2014, they Torshin participated in several activities of the NSA, including its congresses.

American investigators came to the conclusion that Butynol had a lot of connections with the Russian government and the FSB, as well as with an unnamed oligarchs. In her e-mail correspondence refers to “the known Russian businessman with close ties with the presidential administration of Russia”. Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 1.2 billion. He often travels to the United States. Butina was referred to in correspondence as “sponsor”. Note that Forbes mentioned a few of the billionaires in this state, but among them, in particular, there are Boris Rotenberg (one of the brothers, who was a friend of his youth, with Vladimir Putin). On the eve of his first visit to the US in late 2014 Butina exchanged a series of SMS with another wealthy Russian businessman, discussing the cost of your trip and planned a meeting with designated “sponsor”.

With the help of American political strategist Paul Erickson, with whom Butina began to cohabit, it started in the USA a wide circle of acquaintances. Erickson also paid her tuition and helped to pass the session, “editing the essays and answering exam questions”.

According to the Prosecutor, this means that Butina was in graduate school at American University in Washington with the help of others, clearly to cover, and at the same time, “continued to work for the Russian government.”

The Russian interested persons who are able to influence the political life of America. Before the American presidential elections in 2016, interference in which accused Russia, Butina communicated with the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Later in Las Vegas Butina asked the then candidate for US President Donald trump, will he seek to improve deteriorating relations with Russia if elected. Trump responded in the affirmative.

During this activity, a young Russian woman and 56-year-old American Paul Erickson began to live together, but according to prosecutors, these relationships Butina considered just as part of the job. So, in the papers, the FBI, the Russian woman complains that she has to live with Erickson, and “scorn the further cohabitation with him”.

Earlier, the prosecutors had even put forward the version that Butina used sex as a kind of “weapons”, achieving the promotion to its goal. She allegedly once offered an intimate connection to another person in exchange for a place in the lobbying organization, said attorney General Eric Kenerson.

However, the protection of Russians argued that the proposals of sex from Butinai wore a playful nature and was the usual flirting. However, Erickson was not the only partner of Butynol in the United States. Recently it became clear that an intimate relationship with a “difficult” Russian woman was the founder of the American online retailer Overstock’s Patrick Byrne.

In court documents, the lawyers called Butina naive student who told friends about the need to improve relations between Russia and the United States, however, it is not going to promote this idea covertly on behalf of the Russian officials.

Butina she eventually admitted that was a secret “agent of the Kremlin” and tried to ingratiate himself to the American politicians.

26 April 2019 Mary Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In June, she reduced the sentence for ten days.