The U.S. imposed tough new sanctions against Iran

New sanctions target Iranian security forces and officials involved in rocket attacks on military bases in Iraq, writes “Voice of America”.

США вводят новые жесткие санкции в отношении Ирана

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The United States on Friday, 10 January, announced the introduction of new sanctions against Iran. This was announced during a press briefing at the White house Secretary Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of the Department of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

According to Mnuchin, new sanctions against the Iranian regime were imposed as punishment for the attack made by Tehran on Tuesday against American troops in Iraq. The sanctions will affect high-ranking Iranian officials and security forces involved in rocket attacks on military bases in Iraq, said Mnuchin.

Mike Pompeo said that the US had information of an imminent threat from Iran against the U.S., including the U.S. mission.

The office of foreign assets control (OFAC) imposed sanctions against eight high-ranking representatives of the Iranian regime, and also against the largest Iranian producers of steel, aluminum, copper and iron annually receives billions of dollars in profits.

According to a press release, which was published on Friday morning, in the sanctions list was Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Supreme national security Council of Iran, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, the Deputy chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, and Gholamreza Soleimani, head of the militia “Basij”, a member of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC).

In addition, under the sanctions were 17 Iranian steel producers and mining companies, the holding company consisting of three companies registered in China and the Seychelles, and the ship involved in buying and selling Iranian products.

Along with these measures, the President trump was signed on Friday, January 10, decree, directed against additional sources of income used by the Iranian regime for funding and support to missile and nuclear programs, terrorism and the financing of terrorist puppet military organizations, as well as to undue influence in the region.

According to the decree, the Secretary of the Department of Finance, after consultation with the Secretary of state may be delegated the authority to impose sanctions in respect of people working in other sectors of the Iranian economy, including in construction, mining, industrial manufacturing and textile industry.

As explained by Mnuchin, Department of the Treasury provide a temporary exemption from having to comply with the sanctions regime to all who will participate in the investigation of the crash Boeing Ukrainian near Tehran. The plane of the Ukrainian airline MAU, EN route from Tehran to Kiev, crashed shortly after takeoff. Boeing flew from the international airport in Tehran just after Iran launched rocket attacks military bases in Iraq.

ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • In November 2019 the United States expanded sanctions against Iran, adding to the restrictive lists of the construction sector of the Islamic Republic and imposing a ban on imports of a number of materials that can be used for nuclear and missile programs. Also, the state Department extended the exceptions of Russia, China and European countries to continue working at Iranian nuclear facilities that will not allow Iran to use their nuclear research.
  • The aircraft of Ukrainian airlines crashed in the morning of 8 January. At 6:13 local time, he flew from the international airport of Tehran to Kiev. Boeing 737-800 passenger managed to climb to an altitude of 8000 ft (2438 m), then the information about its location disappeared from the radar screen of the controller. The pilots did not convey message about the emergency on Board. A few minutes after takeoff the plane crashed.
  • The Ukrainian authorities have banned Russian airlines to perform flights over Iran.

  • The life stories of Ukrainians who died in the plane crash in Iran, read our material.

  • January 9, the Ukrainian official said that the country is considering a missile strike by Russia as one of several possible causes of the crash of Ukrainian passenger plane.