The U.S. military came under fire of the Turkish army in Syria

Военные США попали под обстрел турецкой армии в Сирии

On Friday, 11 October, us special forces in Syria came under artillery fire from the Turkish positions. Recall that in early October, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey intends to launch a military operation in the North-East of Syria, because the United States has not fulfilled its promise of establishing a security zone in the area.

As reported by DW, according to the Pentagon, the attack from the Turkish military were so powerful that the Americans considered the possibility of opening the return fire. However, when the intensity of the shelling decreased, the U.S. decided to move away from the position. None of the US military was not injured.

According to the U.S. military, the explosion occurred a few hundred meters from the outer boundary of the security zone. Moreover, the Turkish military was aware of the presence in the area of American troops.

The Ministry of defense insists that Turkey “has stopped all operations, which could make the necessary immediate protective action by the United States.”

Sources in the Pentagon reported that American commandos carried out the job at the height of Mastour near the city of Coban, where a predominantly Kurdish population.

In this regard, the official representative of the Pentagon stated that the Turkish troops should be aware of the exact location of the American positions. The official did not specify the exact number of us troops, but noted that we are talking about division, less than the company.

Ankara rejects charges of Washington. The Ministry of defence of Turkey stated that the Turkish military were Kurdish and they did not shoot at U.S. positions.

Recall that 9 October, the Turkish armed forces launched a military operation in Syria, which was called “the Source of peace”. The purpose of this operation is the fight against Kurdish rebels and terrorists from grouping “Islamic state”.

As reported by “FACTS”, October 11 in Kiev in front of the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine held a protest action against Turkish military operations in Northern Syria.

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