The U.S. Supreme court changed the voting system in the presidential election

The Supreme court stated that members of the electoral College may be forced to support the winner of the popular vote in the presidential election, reports the Independent.

Верховный суд США изменил систему голосования на президентских выборах

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In 32 US States have laws concerning “compensation of electors”, although only 16 of them impose sanctions or cancel such votes.

States can make the members of the electoral College of the President of the United States took into account the results of the popular vote and voted for candidates who pledged to vote, the Supreme court of the USA Monday, July 6.

The unanimous decision allows the States to exclude the possibility that “compensation electors” will vote for candidates different from those who won the popular vote in their state and who they had previously agreed to support.

In the US the popular vote of the state determines what the elected candidates in the state go to the electoral College to elect the President.

The vast majority of electors, bound by promise to vote for a certain presidential candidate, did just that, but often during elections there are a few defectors.

For example, in the elections of 2016, two voters from Texas who pledged to support Donald trump, in the end, voted for former Congressman Ron Paul and then Governor of Ohio John Kasich. And five vote from the electoral College the Democratic party deserted, not voting for Hillary Clinton and for other candidates.

However, trump had won the election with 304-227 the votes of the electoral College, but the appearance of “compensation of electors” always causes concern for democratic experts about their potential effects on future elections, especially if the spread of votes is small.

All 9 justices of the Supreme court of the United States decided to support the constitutionality of state laws restricting the desertion of the boards of electors, but such unanimity was not standard in some lower courts.

“The Constitution gives the state sole authority to appoint electors, leaving them the right to vote on the call of conscience,” he wrote in his opinion in may 2019 judge of the Supreme court of the state of Washington Steven C. Gonzalez.

Against the background of the U.S. Supreme court decision of 6 July remain relevant long-standing ideological and legal questions about the democratic merits of the system of the electoral College.

Two of the last three U.S. presidents — George Bush and Donald trump have won the presidency due to the votes of the electoral College despite losing the popular vote.


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