The U.S. Supreme court recognized nearly half of Oklahoma land of the Indians

The U.S. Supreme court recognized the Eastern part of Oklahoma, almost half of the territory, the reservation of the Indian tribes. For the resolution voted 5 out of 9 judges. This part of the state, there are approximately 2 million people. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Верховный суд США признал почти половину Оклахомы землей индейцев

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Almost the whole Eastern part of the state with a population of 1.8 million people is now officially a land of the five Indian tribes of Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole and maskegon, writes Lenta.Ru.

The reservation includes a significant part of Tulsa, the second largest city of Oklahoma and the center of oil production.

Now, according to the decision of the Supreme court on the reservation will operate its own judicial system. Punishment for minor offenses will make tribal courts. Serious crimes will still be considered by the Federal courts. However, some persons convicted under Federal law can now challenge the sentences.

Supreme court chief justice John Roberts in a dissenting opinion noted that the decision will lead to the destabilization of state courts.

In the 1830-ies of native American tribes from the East were resettled in the so-called Indian territory (modern Oklahoma). Resettlement killed a large number of people. In the mid 1850-ies of Indians of Oklahoma has signed a contract with the U.S. Federal government that guaranteed them sovereignty over their lands.

However, during the Civil war, when part of the native American tribes also owned slaves, supported the Confederacy of slaveholders-southerners, this agreement ceased to exist. In 1907 Oklahoma, where previously was a large part of Indian territory received statehood.

Now, according to the Supreme court of the United States Neal Gorsuch, the US government finally fulfilled his promise to the native Americans in the 19th century.

The lawsuit the state filed in the Supreme court native American Jimi McGirt, was convicted in 1997 in Oklahoma for the rape of four girls. Makgirt drew attention to the fact that in the nineteenth century several tribes of native Americans were forcibly relocated to the territory which later became Oklahoma, writes “Interfax”.

The US Federal government then promised the Indians East of the present Oklahoma as a reservation, but their promise is not fulfilled, said the plaintiff. The land was promised to the Indians after they were forced to leave their native lands in Georgia and Alabama — their way from one part of the current United States to another is known as the “Path of tears”. Supreme court of the United States agreed with his arguments, issuing a ruling in favor of Makgirt.

This decision, in particular, served as the basis for sentence cancellation of Makgirt. However, he did not pleading guilty. Member of the American Indian of the Seminole tribe merely pointed out that now judge it right to only Federal court.



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