The UAF does not consider the option of early completion of the season

УАФ не рассматривает вариант с досрочным завершением сезона

Ukrainian Association football (UAF) is not considering the option of early completion of the season.

Recall, UEFA has given the time to finish this season until August 3.

“From the first days when it became apparent the threat of a pandemic, we are in close contact with UEFA and FIFA. As you know, UEFA has already held two video conferences with participation of leaders of the UAF and other national associations. About the decisions after discussion at these meetings online are accepted by the UEFA Executive Committee, we will promptly inform. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to talk about specific dates when the football fully recover and again become available for spectators. This is due to the inability to predict the situation with the pandemic”, – quotes the first Vice-President of the UAF Oleg Protasov, the press service of the organization.

“Yes, UEFA had originally planned to finish the season until the end of June. Now, as you know, moved the deadline into August. But no one can say that this is the final decision. Therefore, we will continue to follow the recommendations of UEFA and FIFA. Other way we have,” – said sports functionary.

“In particular, from the outset, UEFA recommended to the introduction in the country of quarantine state bodies to continue to play national tournaments and the European Cup. In this case restrictions were imposed, and the matches were held without spectators. Not only the games of the national Championships, and European Cup matches.

After all, we didn’t plan and now do not consider the option of early suspension of the championship. We have confidence that at this stage, taking into account the decisions of UEFA, the season will be extended until August, which means I have the opportunity to finish the championship and to play decisive matches of the Cup of Ukraine.

Again, at this stage, other than a full overtime of the championship, the UAF is not considered”, – said in the conclusion of Protasov.