The UEFA coefficients table: Turkey and the Netherlands dramatically closer to Ukraine


Таблица коэффициентов УЕФА: Турция и Нидерланды катастрофически приблизились к Украине

On the eve of Lugansk “dawn” lost in Barcelona, the local “Hispaniola” in the first match of the playoffs of the Europa League (1:3) and not added to the Bank of Ukraine points to the table of UEFA coefficients (the qualification for a win receives one point for a draw of 0.5).

To date, the Ukrainian clubs have contributed in the following way:

  • Shakhtar 4 points (bonuses for the group stage of the Champions League)
  • Zarya – 3,5 points
  • “Mariupol” – 0.5 points
  • Dynamo – 0.5 points
  • “Alexandria” – 0 points (team has not yet joined the fight)

Thus, the Ukrainian clubs won a total of 8.5 points or 1.7 points (number of points divided by the number of clubs), which allows this season to be the 34-th place.

In total, over 5 years, Ukraine continues to hold the 9-th position, but the gap from Belgium increased from 1.5 points to 2 points.

However, more important than that, separation from Turkey (10-I) decreased from 0.4 to 0.2 points. Besides approaching and the Netherlands, which have lagged behind the Ukraine by 1.85 points. Not so far away, and Austria (lag – 2,075).

We emphasize that after the reform of the European Cup and the implementation in 2021 third of the tournament, and eighth and ninth of the Association in the UEFA coefficients table have exactly the same quotas in both competitions. Namely, the participation of five clubs: two in the Champions League (once in the group stage, one in the third qualification), one in the Europa League (play-off round) and two in the Europa League-2 (one – third in qualifying and one in the second qualification).

So, the separation of Belgium from Ukraine is not strategically critical.

But the struggle for 10-11 is of great importance.

Tenth position loses certain privileges (second prize winner starts in the UEFA Champions League at the early stage, i.e. from the second round). Not to mention eleventh place, which does not allow the Association to automatically delegate your club into the group stage of the Champions League.

This table forms the representation at the European Cup season 2021/2022.

Таблица коэффициентов УЕФА: Турция и Нидерланды катастрофически приблизились к Украине