The UK authorities have sacrificed for the sake of economy and later entered quarantine, – Zinchenko

Власти Великобритании жертвовали людьми ради экономики и поздно ввели карантин, - Зинченко

Alexander Zinchenko

Lateral “Manchester city” and the national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Zinchenko believes that the UK authorities were too late to enter quarantine, pandemic coronavirus.

“First they decided not to do the quarantine. Wanted to sacrifice people for the sake of the economy. Then they finally faced reality, saw what was happening in the world and has decided to impose a quarantine. Sorry, a little late, in my opinion. So in England these figures in a sick person. The numbers are large,” said Zinchenko in a video posted on the channel of Ukrainian Association football in YouTube.

“I sometimes go to the store, but I’ve never seen so empty Manchester. Live in the heart, a lot of the people always on the street. Now the police even in civil goes, can stop, find out why you left. Shop all adhere to the rules. Done correctly, but with a delay,” – said Ukrainian.

According the number infected with the coronavirus in Britain exceeded 138 million, of which died on 18 738 people, that is the 5th highest in the world after the United States, Italy, Spain and France.