The UK has provided Vietnam documents about the truck with 39 corpses of migrants (PHOTOS)

Великобритания предоставила Вьеьтнаму документы о грузовике с 39 трупами мигрантов (ФОТО)

Britain sent Vietnam a package of documents on the case about the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck in Essex, among whom could be citizens of Vietnam. This is the official newspaper of the Vietnamese government.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Vietnam Bui Thanh Dream said that currently the foreign Ministry is examining the documents received. However, according to him, evidence to suggest that among the discovered in Essex bodies were Vietnamese citizens, yet. Embassy of Vietnam in London has written to the permanent representative to the scene.

In turn, Secretary of the party Committee of the province of Nghe Nguyen DATS Vinh said that local authorities took samples of hair and nails have families who reported that their relatives may be among the victims of Essex, and coordinate their actions with the British side during the investigation. Vinh urged local residents to wait for accurate information from competent authorities and to avoid speculation and to go to work abroad through legal channels, protected by Vietnamese government.

On 23 October the police of Essex reported the discovery of 39 bodies in the trailer of a truck in the industrial area of the city grace: first, it was reported that all the victims were Chinese citizens. Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his Twitter wrote that “shocked by this tragic incident.” “I get regular reports and the Ministry of internal Affairs will work closely with Essex police, we exactly what happened,” he said.

A few days later, six Vietnamese families appealed to his country’s Embassy in the UK asking for help. They reported the disappearance of their relatives after received from them a farewell SMS. In particular, one of the last messages sent 26-year-old Vietnamese named Pham who went to London to stay with relatives across China and Europe, said: “I’m dying, I can’t breathe”. After that communication with it was lost. family FAM had to pay 30 thousand pounds (38.5 million dollars) for illegal shipping to the UK, laying its home.

Several Vietnamese families reported to the Embassy that their loved ones, the arrival of which they have been waiting for days, stopped to get in touch with early Wednesday morning, just the time when the bodies were discovered in a truck in Essex.

According to the BBC, among the 39 killed in the truck was Vietnamese Nguyen Dinh Luong. In addition, there could be a 15 year old citizen of Vietnam, whose family called a few days ago, smugglers and announced that 23 November will be delivered to the UK, so it is necessary to prepare the payment. But then the relationship with these people was broken. Just missing persons, which collects VietHome human rights organization, counts more than 20 citizens of Vietnam.