The Ukrainian army took back nearly 6000 km2 from the Russians

The Ukrainian army has recaptured almost 6000 km2 from the Russians


KYIV | The Ukrainian army has taken over nearly 6,000 km2 of territory controlled by Russian forces during its counter-offensive launched in early September, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday.  

“Since the beginning of September, our soldiers have already liberated 6,000 km2 of Ukrainian territory in the east and south, and we continue to advance,” said Mr. Zelensky in a video posted on social networks.

The President separately thanked three military units, whose “bravery” he praised in this operation which resulted, if consolidated, in the largest territorial gains for Ukraine since the withdrawal of Russian forces from the outskirts of kyiv at the end of March.

The Ukrainian army first announced a counter-offensive in the south, before carrying out in the over the past week a lightning advance in the Kharkiv region, bordering Russia in the northeast of the country, forcing the soldiers of Mos neck to withdraw to other positions.

It also claims to have successes in the Kherson region, occupied by Russia and bordering annexed Crimea, and in the eastern regions under the control of of pro-Russian separatists since 2014.