The Ukrainian soldiers showed a funny photo with a cat Cartridge

Украинские воины показали забавное фото с котом Патроном

In the popular social network Twitter has a funny photo from a zone of carrying out Operation United forces on the territory temporarily occupied at the illegal conditions, the authorities of the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Known among Ukrainian users of the social networking blog with the ironic name of “Konopljanyj Pemilik”, which is followed for about twenty-eight thousand accounts in the popular network Twitter, shared sereznym a photo taken by Ukrainian fighters in the area of Operations of the United Forces, previously referred to as a zone of carrying out Anti-terrorist Operation. It turns out that ottechestvennye military is a time not only to the protection of inviolability of the Ukrainian territory, but also communication with animals. In this case, we are talking about a cat. Small but fearless pet, the men decided to name the symbolic name of the Cartridge. In the photo, by the way, the cat Pattern is in the pocket of one of the fighters Combined Operations Forces. It turns out that the photo was taken by a military photographer Sergei Surkovym in addition, as the Ukrainian military returned to the barracks from an evening inspection.