The Ukrainian, who received a huge score to challenge the amount

The acclaimed author of video with a new payment for gas, 31-the summer inhabitant of Vinnytsia region Vadim Kogut, told “Today” that he did not intend to agree to pay for unused gas. In addition, after his sensational roller a thought, not to withdraw them from the gas.

Украинец, получивший огромный счет, будет оспаривать сумму

“The fact is that gas is supplied to my private home, but with gas I don’t use because the house is not yet live. Gas was installed in 2018. On the counter zeroes. Immediately after summing up the gas inspector came and said that if gas is not going to use, and will not have to pay”, – appealed to the authorities and to the people Vadim Kogut.

We found Vadim and talked with him.

“After my movie came to me a representative of the regional gas companies. I showed her the counter, where there were zeros. She told me that I still have to pay. Then I gave an example: when she runs her car at the gas station, it does not pay for the delivery of gasoline in tank. She agreed to that. It turns out that for me used racketeering methods. At this time came the other outraged people who do not use gas. They have a gas cut off for a long time. They, too, will now have to pay. All this she told us that if I will not pay, there will be debt. Then “acquire” penalties and I can sue, then the duty to recover,” – says the man.

According to Vadim, his house was only recently built, so there is even a gas stove.

“The representative of regional gas I was also told that all these questions about the supply of gas is not to them but to a higher authority. I told her that how well the money you require, and matters not to you? In addition, the gas house has not been put. What kind of gas is it? I soon intend to go to understand the situation in NKREKU,” says vinnichanin.

Vadim also admits that after he posted the video online, he began to write in the social networks and call hundreds of people.

“For example, one woman said that gas was used at 40 hryvnia for shipping and had to pay 100. A total of 140 UAH, – says Vadim Kogut. I know five more people who refused to use gas. Use alternative heating – pallets, firewood. In addition, I called and wrote from Poland. The workers are outraged. It turns out that if they will not pay, they will sue their home for debt? The oblgaz I was told that the number of consumers in recent years has decreased in 4 times. Personally, I agree to pay, but only for the used gas. What’s next? The same bills will send for water? What gas was only the first bell? Racket. I consider myself a poor person, but willing to pay only for what you use”.

We will remind as it was reported, the employee of one of the dairies in Vinnytsia region have recorded a video. In the video he said that he is outraged with the amount of almost 5 thousand UAH, which he was obliged to pay for the transportation of gas to his house. In “Vinnitsagaz” explained the situation this way:

“The cost of the service to deliver gas to a specific consumer are calculated based on the number of cubic meters consumed in the previous gas year. The annual volume divided by 12 months and get the average monthly volume of consumption. Multiplied by the current rate of 1.07 UAH/cube and get the shipping fees a month.”