The Ukrainians complained about the horrible food at the world Championships in athletics

Украинцы пожаловались на ужасное питание на чемпионате мира по легкой атлетике

Olga Lyakhova

At the world Championships in athletics, which takes place in Qatar from 27 September to 6 October, the scandal with housing and meals for athletes.

In particular, Ukrainian Olha Lyakhova has criticized the organizers of the competition.

“The food is horrible, nothing to eat, and the food that we give, not much better. I was here in 2009 at the World games among students and there was different food. There were such gorgeous memories, and now a disappointment” – quoted Olga

Note that Lyakhova are unable to reach the Olympic finals in the 800 meters, finishing third in the first semifinal race (2:00.72).

Another Ukrainian, champion of the country in the walk 50 km Christina The. that at the world Cup in 2019 became the sixth, and was unhappy with the conditions of stay in Doha.

“For food, I think that a competition of this level was to make food more thoughtful, diverse. Because here came the last of the people and the leaders of world athletics. Really a potato, pasta and rice athletes are not fed. Little meat, vegetables, no cheese,” said Eugene.

More loyally voted Sprinter Sergiy Smelyk who made it to the semifinals in the 200m freestyle, but the finals were not included.

“I’m not picky. But if you consider that this is one of the richest countries, it would settle better. And food, such a variety there. Though there is everything you need – meat, fish, rice, some pasta. In principle, the athletes do not go hungry,” – shared his opinion of the Smelyk.

Yesterday Yaroslav Maguchy won the Ukrainian national team for the first medal of the world Cup in 2019, becoming the silver medalist in the high jump while setting a youth world record.