The Ukrainians conquered the technological exhibition CES in Las Vegas

Monitor the health, to combat counterfeiting, to make learning more interesting and easier to offer eight Ukrainian companies took part in the 2020 CES electronics show in Las Vegas, reports “Voice of America”.

Чем украинцы покоряли технологическую выставку CES в Лас-Вегасе

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The company Mosquito control challenging the most dangerous viruses and infectious diseases, carriers of which are mosquitoes (the zika virus, dengue, malaria). Ukrainians invented a device that simulates the smell and warmth of the human body, attracting these mosquitoes. He does it safely for the environment and human health.

“Mosquitoes are moving in a very small radius of 100-200 meters,” — said Roman Romanov, head of the Board of Directors of Mosquito control. Using our set you create, the results of tests conducted in Florida, a kind of ecosystem with a radius of 200-300 meters, safe and free from mosquitoes.

In the middle of the plant are cylinder with carbon dioxide and natural attractant that change every month a special service. No interventions and no longer required.

“The instrument has a special software which was created and assembled in Ukraine, and which is remote control device” — has told the operating Director of Mosquito control Olga Dyachuk.

Also health for another invention — the smart system for people with bipolar disorder “of Bikaver”. By integrating mobile apps, smart watches and a special keyboard program with artificial intelligence monitors emotional and physical health of such people and reports to family and doctors about changes in their mood. The device monitors heart rate, counts the number of steps, type and duration of physical activity, number of completed calls and the duration of the conversation.

To inventions in Ukraine was more, the company “EDPRO AMPERIA” presented a set for school laboratory work in physics, which showcases the work of current and magnetism.

“We want to awaken children’s interest in traditional physics” — said the founder of “AMPERIA EDPRO” Andriy tabachyn declares.

And in order to better transfer the knowledge, Can-Touch invented the projector to make any surface interactive, notes on which can be done with a special stylus.

The invention must also solve the problem of inconvenient installation of projectors for presentations, but to organize the space in the workplace and improve productivity will help the ergonomic design of the company “Stela”. They provided the wheels for office chairs are patented in the US, innovation is to combine an iron hull, the system of bearings and polyurethane wheels, as on a roller skate. The PU said luminophor to wheel glowed in the dark and you do not stumble.

Also on display was presented to an office organizer that combines the 15 other products, solves the problem of finding different objects in different places, thus saving the time office workers.

Meanwhile, representatives of the company “UATAG” decided to challenge the fakes. The uniqueness of the solution is in the cracks of the glass, which cannot be repeated, like fingerprints. Fragments of glass are used in the form of stickers or stamps. There are more budget option worth up to 5 cents — electronic tag unique to each item. That is, if you have 1000 items, you will have 1000 unique tags. Each of which is hidden under the film code unknown to anyone, and to get it, the film will have to erase.

Also presented were led backpacks by PIX, which caught the interest of many visitors of the exhibition. With the help of apps from Apstore, you can choose the animation, the game or any image that you like via Bluetooth, and upload it to the screen, which is located at the front of the backpack. The visitors noted that this product is one of the most interesting and promising.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs are confident that they managed to draw public attention to their development.

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