The Ukrainians estimate the work of online shopping — study on Google

Google undertook a global study on the interaction of buyers and online stores

Как украинцы оценивают работу онлайн-магазинов — исследование Google

The company KANTAR-to-order technology giant Google conducted a study regarding consumers interact with online stores. This study will help to understand how Ukrainian consumers assess online buying and how satisfied they were with the level of service. This was reported by the press service of Google.

According to the study, in Ukraine the level of satisfaction with the process of online shopping is lower than the world average. About 59% of the respondents rated their shopping experience online stores as excellent. On average, the figure is 69%.

According to buyers in Ukraine, mostly know about the 12 online stores, but make purchases in three of them. More than 53% of Ukrainian consumers are willing to recommend their favorite online stores others. Globally, 48% of customers are willing to recommend online retailers to their friends.

Above all Ukrainian buyers appreciate the assortment of goods, namely 60% and also easy navigation and product search — 55%. Below all Ukrainian consumers appreciate the ease of the return process, loyalty programs and free shipping.

If to speak about delivery of goods, 35% of Ukrainian buyers positive about the option of guaranteed delivery in online stores, and 38% — speed of delivery. The speed and convenience during payment processing positively assessed 51% of the respondents.

Note that KANTAR on the initiative of Google conducted a study in 17 countries, including Ukraine. The study involved 35 thousand people who are older than 16 years.