The Ukrainians have prepared a new tariff surprise

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №211 tariffs for heating will be considered under the new rules.

Украинцам подготовили новый тарифный сюрприз

So the Cabinet has lifted the regulated price of gas to calculate the cost of heating. Now suppliers need to consider their rates based on the average price of gas for the previous heating season.

“The average price of natural gas determined as an arithmetic mean value calculated based on the price of natural gas in the relevant month and the number of calendar months in the heating period preceding the planned period”, – stated in the decree. That is, when the gas price hike by 50%, rates should increase by at least 35%.

Given the fact that the price of gas during the heating season 2019-2020 was a record low, we can confidently predict lower prices for heating and hot water in heating season 2020-2021.

According to the commitments made to the IMF, Ukraine needs to receive the fee for heating. This practice is already working in some cities of the country. There are tariffs for heat is divided into 2 components: cost of services and maintenance of the infrastructure, i.e. the subscription fee. The word bills in the second component, people get all year round, you have to pay for heating even in summer.

Note that in winter, due to the division of rate amount the payment may be lower, and the limiting size of the subscription fee, according to the law, should determine the government.