The Ukrainians said that needs to be done to get two pensions

Many Ukrainians do not expect pension payments from the state and invest in private pension funds.

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to material “24 channel”.

Украинцам рассказали, что нужно делать для получения сразу двух пенсий

The pension reform implies that in the future Ukrainians will be able to receive two or more pensions. Many people invest in private pension funds, not too counting on help from the state. More than 200 thousand people receive the minimum pension equal to 1,638 USD. The problem is that currently the state is not able to raise payments.

In the country gradually reduced the number of working citizens, but there has been growth in the number of retirees. Currently, the contributions regularly paid twelve and a half million people, and age, allowing it to enter the rest, reached more than 11 million Ukrainians. Starting in 2017, the pension reform has reduced Ukraine’s commitments to the retirees. Now the age for peace and the size of government payments depend on the insurance period and wages received in the workplace.

“In Ukraine, every year gradually increased the required insurance period for the pension. Now maximum insurance period will be 35 years old to be eligible for the pension”, – told in Department of the Pension Fund.

From now until at least 2023, the country will simultaneously act and pension system and solidarity. Citizens of Ukraine will be able to invest in private pension funds, which means that they will be able to receive payments from two sources. PF explained that without the introduction of a funded system of pension contributions, the system of solidarity payments also proved to be questionable. At the same time Ukraine is not ready to switch completely to a funded pension system. The main reason is poverty and lack of funds in the state budget. Currently not more than a million Ukrainians have opened accounts in private pension funds, began to worry about their own future.