The Ukrainians will have more than 100 output in 2020

Ukrainians in 2020 will be more than 100 days off.

Украинцы получат больше 100 выходных в 2020 году

This sends a Wave.

Moreover, people in the country waiting for a few days a week for three or four days in a row, namely: 4-7 January 7-9 March 18-20 April 1-3 may 9-11 may 6-8 June 27-29 June 22-24 Aug and 25-27 Dec.

It should be noted that in the calendar for the year 2020 only provides for 11 official holidays which include:

January 1 — New year’s day (Wednesday);

January 7 — Christmas day by Julian calendar (Tuesday);

March 8 — international women’s day (Sunday);

19 April — Easter (Sunday);

May 1 — international labour day (Friday);

May 9 — victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war (Saturday);

June 7 — Holy Trinity Day (Sunday);

June 28 — Constitution Day (Sunday);

August 24 — Ukraine’s independence Day (Monday);

October 14 — the Day of defender of Ukraine (Wednesday);

25 Dec — Christmas in the Gregorian calendar (Friday).

In addition, the legislation provides that if a public holiday fell on a Saturday or Sunday, then the Ukrainians next Monday get an extra day off.

Therefore, the output for the Ukrainians will also be Mondays: 9 March, 20 April, 11 may, 8 June and 29 June.

The Cabinet decree of October 23, 2019 No. 995-p in order to ensure the rational use of working time, as well as creating favorable conditions for the celebration in 2020 of the Nativity recommended to heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations to move the work day from Monday 6 January to Saturday 11 January.