The Ukrainians will pay for gas in a new way: what will change

In Ukraine will change the calculation formula for gas. If now consumers are paying for Cuba, it will be for kilowatt-hours.

Украинцы будут платить за газ по-новому: что изменится

This innovation spelled out in the bill No. 2553, which the Parliament adopted in the first reading, reports Hvylya, citing budportal.

It is noted that the abandonment of the practice of measuring gas in the cubes and go to the billing not the gas and produced energy from it meets the requirements of the European Energy community, whose member is Ukraine.

Explains that this approach has the advantage, primarily to the consumer because they need not pay for the volume and for the heat. This means that we will stop discussions about bad gas and a good kettle that will boil 20 minutes longer.

This refers to people’s complaints on suppliers, “dilution” gas.

In other words, after the adoption of the new law, will have to pay only for the energy properties of a gas and in theory it will be possible to save.

However, according to the analyst Gennady Ryabtseva, the bill takes into account solely the interests of the gasman.

“Now they can earn even more. Our proposals to somehow protect the people never heard,” he said.

After final adoption of the bill, the gas will be evaluated like any other product — quality.

So, the main criterion for the quality of gas is its ability to produce energy. This shows the caloric value of the gas. It can be five thousand kilocalories per cube, and maybe 7-8 thousand.

In Ukraine, according to the standard of its calories should not be below 7.6 thousand kilocalories per cubic

But in practice it is rarely checked. Hence consumer complaints that gas lowers its calorie content due to the different blends and billed, as expected, for each cube.

As stated in the explanatory note, under the new scheme, consumers will be able to pay less for less quality gas.

How many kilowatts in a cube

Currently, the consumption of cooking gas or gas for heating homes is measured in cubes (in high-rise buildings by the meter he was transferred to Giga-calorie).

Anyway, people can easily calculate how much to pay and whether accrued — the amount of gas consumed in the cubes you just need to multiply by the rate.

Under the new system this is not so simple.

“You just say that you have for so many kilowatt-hours, and how to check — whether it’s right or not is unclear. The consumer can not control the correctness of calculation, and the supplier has the possibility for any kind of “rounding” in their favor, because the formulas involve the use of different coefficients (for example, to bring the gas to standard conditions). For example, you can use a multiplier of 1.25 and of 1.27. In Cuba, gas is a dime, and billions of cubic meters — a significant amount of additional income for the gasman” — said Ryabtsev.

“At the same time, the project does not provide protective measures, or at least enough to inform consumers — to people at any time can contact the supplying company and there he explained in detail why payment is such figure, as is done in the same Europe that we are equal,” — said the expert.

Therefore, according to Ryabtsev, the transition from cubic meters to kilowatt hours will allow the gas company to earn more, but for Ukrainians, accordingly, the risks of a new “space payment”.

The problem can be partially solved by installing new meters that will be considered once the consumption of gas in energy units.

But, as indicated in the findings of the budget Committee, for this purpose you will need about 100 billion hryvnia. And in the budget they provided. In other words, they will need to put either the gasman (but then the cost of meters, they will lay in the tariff), or people at their own expense.

Earlier it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Tuesday, 16 June approved the bill according to which Ukraine will switch from metric to energy units of consumption the use of gas.

In the corresponding bill number 2553 refers to the transition to European standards of accounting of natural gas in kilowatt-hours instead of the current cubic meters.
Thus, this repealed the so-called “frosty” coefficients.

In addition, based on the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 211 of tariffs for heating will be considered under the new rules – adjustable gas tariff to calculate the cost of heating is cancelled.

Now suppliers have to consider the tariffs on the basis of the average price of gas for the previous heating season.