The UN again refused Russia: visas of Russian delegates are not issued correctly

ООН снова отказала России: визы российским делегатам не выдали правильно

On Friday, November 8, on the ballot of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly on disarmament, it rejected a proposal to move this structure from the United States, if the UN and Washington will not solve the problems with visas for Russian delegates. It is reported by TASS.

For the offer of the Russian Federation have voted only 18 countries, 69 voted against and 72 abstained. Supported by Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Kazakhstan, and several Latin American and African countries. The Russian co-sponsors of the project were Angola, Nicaragua, Burundi and Syria.

Since the beginning of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly United States of America has not issued visas 18 the Russian delegates.

— it is connected with events in Syria.

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