The UN has sounded the alarm: in North and South America are dying more and more immigrants


The UN says more than 500 migrants died in the Americas in 2019, which is approximately 33% more than a year ago. This writes ABC News.

ООН бьет тревогу: в Северной и Южной Америках умирают все больше иммигрантов

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The representative of the International organization for migration (IOM) Joel Millman said that the “unrest” in Venezuela can cause “significant mortality in 2019”. More than 4 million people have left Venezuela in 2015.

IOM confirmed 89 deaths of Venezuelans in this year, the figure only lost more than 100 persons of unknown nationality.

A total of 514 people died this year in America until 14 August, compared with 384 last year. This is the fastest achievement of $ 500 since, as the IOM began to count the number of deaths.

Millman reported that the mortality rate on the border of USA and Mexico has not changed much over the last six years, it still is about one migrant per day.

Overall, slightly more than half of the deaths this year — 259 — were caused by drowning, for example, due to shipwrecks in the Caribbean or unsuccessful attempts to swim across the river. About 65 deaths — traffic accidents, and about 20 people died at the railway routes from dehydration or violence, including murder, and disease or lack of medical care.

Millman said that the figures do not include the deaths of prisoners, namely: 11 deaths, including 8 in the US and 3 in Mexico.