The UN insists that Belarus has imposed a quarantine and canceled sporting events

ООН настаивает, чтобы Беларусь ввела карантин и отменила спортивные мероприятия

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus remains the only country in Europe which has not yet introduced strict quarantine, and the country held mass events, including football championship, in which they are going to play 6 rounds.

In this regard, the UN resident coordinator in Belarus, John the cauldron-Vishnevetskaya has joined the calls for the who, and requests the state to adopt quarantine measures.

“On Sunday, April 26, the Ministry of health has confirmed more than 10 thousand cases of infection COVID-19 in Belarus. This number is growing exponentially. Remember, as of March 26, had a total of 86 cases”, – quotes the representative of the United Nations

“Despite active efforts by the government and international partners, we currently observed in Belarus, the evolution of outbreaks COVID-19, which is characterized by a sustainable and growing local transmission.

The world health organization recommends the implementation of physical distancing and transfer of all mass actions”, – said the cauldron-Vishnevetskaya.

Note that another country, where we have introduced the soft quarantine mode, is Sweden. There is a football championship are going to start in June and with the fans in the stands.