The UN security Council October 10, will hold a behind closed doors meeting on the situation in Syria, where Turkey has launched a military operation ‘Source of peace’ (PHOTO)

Совбез ООН 10 октября проведет за закрытыми дверями заседание по ситуации в Сирии, где Турция начала военную операцию 'Источник мира' (ФОТО)

The Security Council (SC) of the United Nations on Thursday, October 10, will hold a closed meeting on the situation in Syria at the beginning of Turkey’s military operations “the Source of peace” in the North-East of the SAR.

According to diplomatic sources, Reuters, the proposal to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council on this issue came from France, Germany, great Britain, Belgium and Poland. These countries signed a joint statement in which they strongly condemned the military operation of Turkey in Syria.

In light of the ongoing military operations Ankara, the UN security Council today urged parties to exercise maximum restraint. “We heard about what is happening, and the Council monitors the situation in the North of Syria. At this stage we urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint and protect civilians,” said presiding in the security Council the permanent representative of South Africa to the UN, Jerry Matthews Matjila.

According to him, the military solution to the conflict in Syria is not. “We would like to encourage all parties to fulfill their obligations and to comply fully with resolution 2254”, he added.

On Wednesday Turkey announced the beginning of the in the North Syria, the new military operation called “Source of peace”, which began with air strikes by the air force of the Republic on the positions of Kurdish groups. The aim of the operation is the establishment in Northern Syria of a buffer zone where, according to the plan of Ankara, will be able to return from Turkey about 4 million Syrian refugees, contain which Turkey has no funds. The buffer zone is also intended to be a protective zone for the Turkish border.

The Turkish army launched airstrikes on the city of RAS al-ain in the North-West province of Hasakah (620 km from Damascus). It is the largest city in North-Eastern Syria, which is home to over 1.5 million people. Were also attacked the village of al-Magrifa around the city and the position of the SDF in the villages of al-Mashrafi and Kharbat al-Banat. Units of the Turkish artillery struck Kurdish forces near the Syrian town of tel Abyad. There artillery fired the attack “terrorist targets”. The strikes of the Turkish air force has also attacked the suburbs es-Salihiya and El-Jarudi.

Already there were the first victims of the “Source of peace” – two civilians were killed and about 20 injured during the operation of Turkish forces in Northern Syria, according to TV channel “al Arabiya” referring to Kurdish sources. In addition, seven fighters of the Kurdish groups, members of the coalition “Power of a democratic Syria” (SDS), was killed in the bombing of the Turkish army. About 15 soldiers wounded.

Resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council on Syria

Resolution 2254 of the Security Council of the United Nations was unanimously adopted on 18 December 2015. It calls for a ceasefire and a political settlement in Syria. Russia has repeatedly stated that the alternative to the resolution on Syria is not.

This resolution contains demands that all parties immediately cease all attacks on civilian targets, calls upon all member States to support efforts to reach agreement on a cease-fire.

The text of the resolution underlines the fundamental principle that the future of Syria determined by the Syrian people, but also recognizes the role of International mediators group for Syria (MGPS) as a Central platform to facilitate the efforts of the United Nations to achieve a lasting political settlement in Syria.

The resolution also expressed support for a Syrian-driven political process supported by the UN.

The document stressed the need for all parties in Syria have adopted confidence-building measures to facilitate the viability of the political process and durable ceasefire, and urged all States to use their influence on the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition in order to advance the peace process, facilitate the implementation of confidence-building measures and steps towards a ceasefire.