The UN Security Council voted to call for an over-the-top special session of the General Assembly through the invasion of Putin's military into Ukraine

Glad BEZPEKA UN progolosuvala for & nbsp; sklikannya nadzvichaynoї spetssesії Genasambleї through vtorgnennya vіysk Putіna in & nbsp; up Ukraine Iryna ALEKSЄЄVA , “FACTI”

The UN Security Council voted for holding a special meeting of the General Assembly to submit the resolution «One day for the sake of peace» to condemn the aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

The resolution was adopted by 11 countries of the 15. China, UAE and India — shrugged off. Only Russia voted against, go to the organization's official website.

In this manner, for the sake of security of the UN, they praised the resolution of the General Assembly 377, as if they were transferring the transfer of the UN General Assembly to food, so that they can not  39;yat votes 15. In addition, before such a procedure, the right of veto will not stop.

The session of the General Assembly may be held at Monday, February 28, about 10:00 a.m.     about 17:00 outside Kyiv.

Resolution «Unity in im'the world» the bula was adopted in 1950, in order to bypass the veto of the Radyansky Union in order to enter the defense of Korea. There are documents about those who at falls, if through the position of any of the permanent members of the Rada of Security, it appears to be worthless to steal the world, whose language on you can take the General Assembly.

Until one hour, ten super-eminent special sessions were called. The first came out of the s s s s language, which began in 1956 rotation, between Israel and Egypt and attack of Great Britain and France on the region of the Suez Canal. TENTH Nadzvychaina sytuatsia spetsіalna sesіya on & nbsp; yakіy rozglyadalisya power schodo okupatsії Іzraїlem palestinskoї teritorії, Pocha at & nbsp; 1997 rotsі th & nbsp; dosі not & nbsp; zakіnchilasya (її & nbsp; the robot has been viewed pripinena i & nbsp; Mauger Buti vіdnovlena whether if at & nbsp; PROKHANOV-chlenіv powers) <. /p>

The draft resolution was prepared by the low country. Vіn suing the aggression of Russia against Ukraine, owing to the withdrawal of the forces of the Russian Federation from Ukraine and the recognition of the independence of the so-called “DPR” that "LPR". We & nbsp; nyoma pіdtverdzhuєtsya vіddanіst Radbezu UN suverenіtetu, Nezalezhnosti, єdnostі that & nbsp; teritorіalnіy tsіlіsnostі Ukraine in & nbsp; the furrows viznanih mіzhnarodnoyu spіlnotoyu kordonіv

Pіslya rosіyskogo vtorgnennya at & nbsp;. Telefonnіy rozmovі s & nbsp; UN Secretary General Antonіo Guterres, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky destroying the food about giving Russia the right to vote for For the security of the UN.


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