The unemployment rate is 4.3% in Quebec

Quebec's unemployment rate stands at 4.3% ;bec


Employment in Quebec fell 0.6% in June and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.3% (+0.1 percentage point), according to Statistics Canada.

This is therefore a second decline in employment in the Belle Province in three months.

The number of full-time jobs experienced a decrease of 1.1% between the months of May and June 2022. More Quebecers, however, obtained part-time employment, increasing by 1.7% between the two months.

The main Setbacks were seen in the natural resources, information, culture and recreation sectors. Conversely, significant increases were recorded in professional, scientific and technical services, but also in manufacturing.

In the census metropolitan area (CMA) of Montreal, both employment unemployment rate (4.7%) saw little change for the month of June.

At the country level, employment fell for the first time since the start of the year 2022 by decreasing by 43,000 (-0.2%) in June, then offsetting the increase of 40,000 jobs in May.

“This is the first drop in employment that is not associated with a tightening of public health restrictions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic”, specified the federal agency.

The unemployment rate in Canada fell by 0.2 points of percentage to hit a new all-time low of 4.9%. According to Statistics Canada, this decline is attributable to “the decline in the number of people looking for work”.