The Union fights privatisation plan as part of the expansion of alcohol sales (PHOTOS)

Профсоюз борется с планом приватизации в рамках расширения продаж алкоголя (ФОТО)

On Saturday in LCBO stores across Toronto, the buyers requested an extension of the paper bags and to join protests against privatization of alcohol sales.

“We’re trying to keep the sale of alcohol under state control”, – said the employee Nadia Monthian.

The Union of Ontario public servants (OPSEU) organized a citywide informational picket, placed near the provincial wine stores representatives who ask customers to sign a petition calling on the province to stop the transfer of sales of beer and wine in convenience stores, convenience stores and grocery stores.

“When customers buy at the LCBO, the revenue returned to the Treasury of Ontario and may go on health, education and transport,” said Kingsley Kwok, member of the Executive Board of OPSEU, in an interview with CTV News Toronto.

“When customers purchase in grocery stores, convenience stores or supermarkets, the profit goes to the owners”.

The picket participants also stressed that they spetsializiruyutsya on the sale of alcohol and to comply with security requirements such as a ban on sales to minors or to intoxicated customers.

The government Doug Ford attracts more private shops providing them with permission to sell wine, beer and cider. So, this summer the number of retailers increased by almost 300 units.

The government has reformed the LCBO stores in areas with insufficient services, making them non-stop, planning next spring to increase this number to 200.

“We are fulfilling the promise to provide consumers with more choice and comfort and give more opportunities for business in the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages,” – said on Saturday, Scott Blodgett, a spokesman of the Ministry of Finance.

But Union representatives believe that every dollar sent to the private pocket of the retailer, is a dollar lost for provincial social services.

“And all know how the government has cut funding in all these areas,” said Kwok.