The Union of secondary school teachers is going to vote strike (PHOTO)

Профсоюз учителей средней школы собирается провести голосование по забастовке (ФОТО)

The Union representing secondary school teachers of the province said they will speed up the voting procedure about the beginning of the strike, as they do not like “procrastination and inaction of the Ontario government, which has been ongoing for several months.”

In a press release issued Tuesday, the Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario (OSSTF) has confirmed that a vote to strike will be initiated in the coming weeks.

“The government says it wants to resolve all issues in these negotiations as soon as possible, but since they did nothing to speed up the process, and now they just refuse to discuss substantive issues at the negotiating table,” said OSSTF President Harvey Bischof in a written statement.

“They postponed the start of negotiations for two months and continue to seek out and create a variety of obstacles”.

He added that now, when the negotiations, the province “refuses to engage in constructive discussion of the most important issues.”

“Five days of negotiations, they have not made any substantive proposals,” said Bischof.

This situation can be considered as a continuation of another busy time when the province barely managed to prevent the strike with the participation of educators in the beginning of this month.

The canadian Union of public employees, which represents over 55,000 education workers of the province of Ontario, announced the decision to begin October 7, strike if the parties cannot come to an agreement.

October 6, a few hours before the deadline, when it would be announced at the start of the strike, both sides confirmed that the negotiations were successful.

“The Minister of Finance publicly stated that the agreement has already been reached in the field of education, should be seen as a guide for future agreements. But at the negotiating table tell us that the contents of other agreements does not affect our discussion,” said Bischof.

“Therefore, while the government and Trustee associations are wasting time, students in the province attending mandatory courses, learn in overcrowded classrooms, sometimes 40 or more people, and do without the very important support staff, they need to be successful”.

According to him, representatives of the Union I hope that while voting is going on, the government to “reconsider its position” and continue negotiations “with the willingness to discuss real issues.”