The Union promised that teachers will hold lessons on the first day of the school year (PHOTO)


Профсоюз обещал, что учителя проведут уроки в первый день учебного года (ФОТО)

The head of the Union of secondary school teachers of Ontario said the Union members come to work on the first day of classes in schools, despite the fact that by this time a new contract with them will not be signed.

However, Harvey Bischof (Harvey Bischof) does not feel special optimism in relation to this section of the negotiations.

The contracts expire on August 31, but the Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario will discuss on August 22 with representatives of the Council at the Ontario labour relations which should be addressed centrally, and which are referred to the organizations on the ground.

Bischof said that, in his opinion, the substantive negotiations will not begin before mid-or even late September, and at this stage he would not talk about possible trade Union protests.

Speaking at a conference of the leaders of the trade Union Bischof urged members to continue the “struggle” as he called it, for public education.

He recalled that in this academic year in schools will work less teachers due to the fact that the provincial government ordered to increase class size, which would mean fewer advanced courses and extracurricular activities for students.

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