The United States accused Iran and Russia of fomenting the conflict in Syria (PHOTO)

США обвинили Иран и Россию в разжигании конфликта в Сирии (ФОТО)

American authorities blamed the continued conflict in Syria, Russia and Iran. In particular, the special representative of the Secretary of state on Syria, James Jeffrey believes that the use of chlorine may 19, in Latakia, in what the United States accused Syrian government forces, occurred with the knowledge of the Russian military advisers. About it reports “Interfax”
Jeffrey noted that the Russian advisers – “this is the best soldiers at the disposal of Russia”, they are exceptionally skilled, and are professionals of the highest class. In addition, they are represented at all levels of the Syrian military command.

“And I really find it hard to believe that these professionals were not aware of something like that, which is a unique event. It happened for the first time in the last year,” said Jeffrey in a press conference in new York at the session of the UN General Assembly.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused Syrian troops of the chlorine in Latakia, also saying the incitement of violence by Iran and Russia. “The continuing violence fueled by Iran and Russia, exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation in Syria and needs to stop to provide political decision,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter following the meeting of the so-called Small group on Syria held on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly.

In a Small group on Syria are the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, USA and France: in the course of the meeting, the group supported the formation of the Syrian constitutional Committee. “A military solution to the Syrian crisis can not be, can only be a political solution… Based on this, we strongly support the efforts of UN special envoy on Syria, aimed at a political settlement in accordance with UN security Council resolution 2254” – said in a statement following the meeting.

The statement said that the meeting “calling for an immediate and genuine ceasefire in Idlib”, and also declare the inadmissibility of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. “We also require all parties to ensure that all measures taken in the area of counter-terrorism, including in Idlib province, consistent with their obligations under international law”, – said the members of the group.

In response, the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin said that the investigation of cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria is still possible. “We regret that the American comrades, partners, came out with a statement in a unilateral plan,” said Vershinin to reporters, noting that such messages can hinder the improvement and success of the political process in Syria.