The United States after the attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia will transfer additional troops and equipment to the middle East (PHOTOS)

США после атак на нефтяные заводы Саудовской Аравии перебросят дополнительные войска и технику на Ближний Восток (ФОТО)

The United States will deploy additional troops and weaponry to the middle East in response to the request for reinforcements from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates after attack on Saudi oil facilities. The deployment of additional troops in the region will happen in the coming days, said at a press briefing, Secretary of defense mark Esper.

According to him, strengthening is defensive in nature, the American troops will be largely responsible for air and missile defense. According to the head of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Joseph Dunford, we are talking about hundreds of soldiers, but not about thousands. We will also expedite delivery of Saudi Arabia and the UAE anti-missile and other safety equipment.

“The purpose of the additional military support that we provide is the following. First, to send a clear signal that the US supports partners in the region. Second, to guarantee the free movement of resources needed to support the global economy. Third, to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining an international world order based on rules to follow which we have long called for Iran”, – said the head of the Pentagon.

However, he assured that the US does not want war with Iran. But Washington will be ready to different developments, warned the Esper. “As made clear by the President, the US is not seeking conflict with Iran. However, we have many other options of military action if the need arises,” – said the Minister of defence.

Esper also appealed to the international community “to condemn the attacks of Iran” and to help Saudi Arabia and the UAE to “strengthen their capacity of self-defense.” The Minister pointed to the “significant US presence” in the Persian Gulf. According to the CBS, at the North-Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia hosted the American destroyer USS “Nitze”, armed with missiles of a class “earth – air”, with the aim to close the existing gap in air defense of the Kingdom in this area.

In the United States believe that an attack on oil installations in Saudi Arabia were made through the airspace over the North-Eastern parts of the country. It is also reported that in the South of the Persian Gulf near the coast of Iran, is a missile destroyer of the US Navy USS “Gonzalez”. Another American destroyer PRO are located in the Central part of the Gulf.

In addition, in the waters of the Gulf of Oman in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz is a carrier battle group US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier USS “Abraham Lincoln”, a missile cruiser and two destroyers. From this position area of the deck-based aircraft and cruise missiles, the group can reach any point in Iran, reports “Interfax”. The US is also a large aviation group, located at bases in the region, which includes strategic bombers and multipurpose fighters.

Iran has announced its intention to hold joint naval exercises with Russia and China in the Indian ocean and the Gulf of Oman. Iranian forces also deploy a missile defence system Mersad Sky Guard and to cover the oil installations.