The United States again broke the record for number of infected: trump first put on a face mask

In the United States continues to grow, the number of cases infected with coronavirus at the weekend (11-12 July) set a new record, and the President of the United States Donald trump first put on a face mask. In Israel, meanwhile, thousands of people took to the streets, demanding payments from the government. About it writes BBC.

США снова побили антирекорд по количеству зараженных: Трамп впервые надел маску для лица

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Trump in the mask and a new record in USA

Donald trump appeared before the cameras in the mask for the first time of a pandemic. It happened on Saturday, July 11, when the country was made a new record for the number of identified infected — 66 thousand people.

Trump went to a military hospital Walter reed in the suburbs of Washington to meet with wounded military personnel and health care workers caring for patients with COVID-19.

“I think it’s great to wear a mask. I was never against masks, but I really believe that everything has its time and place,” he said, leaving the White house.

Media reported that the assistants trump repeatedly asked the President to wear a mask in public. However, he refused to do it at rallies, press conferences and other public events.

США снова побили антирекорд по количеству зараженных: Трамп впервые надел маску для лица

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As talked close to it sources, the President feared that the mask he will look weak. In addition, he allegedly believes that wearing masks can draw attention to the crisis in the public health system and not to the task of rebuilding the American economy.

USA leads the world in the number of sick and dying — more than 3 million and 132.3 million, respectively. According to epidemiologists, due to the fact that not developed a unified mechanism of containment of the epidemic. The authorities of individual States are making efforts at the local level, but a strategy is needed at the Federal level, scientists say.

Despite the increase in the number of infected in Florida re-opened Walt Disney World. Visitors will need to wear masks and observe other precautions. Several competing amusement parks opened in Orlando a few weeks ago.

What happens in the world

In Israel, thousands of people came out to protest on Saturday, July 11. They are dissatisfied with how the government cope with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Demonstration in tel Aviv was organized by those who suffered the most financially, with owners of small companies, individual entrepreneurs and representatives of sphere of art.

They are outraged that government payments come late, some had to wait for financial aid months.

In India, another surge in the number of infected — they have 820 thousand. Sunday, July 12, it became known that the coronavirus has infected one of the most famous Indian Actresses Aishwarya Rai, her husband and daughter.

India ranks third in the world in the number of cases after the US and Brazil (1.8 million) and eighth in the number of deaths.

The situation in Latin America as a whole continues to deteriorate. The top ten countries with the worst indicators of morbidity included four Latin American countries — Brazil, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

In Brazil Sunday, July 12, canceled the match of the state championship Catarina football after testing positive for coronavirus were identified from 14 players one of the teams. The championship resumed on 8 July alone.


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