The United States and Ukraine want to create a gas hub on the basis of the Ukrainian GTS and storage

The government of the United States and Ukraine agreed on deliveries to Ukraine liquefied gas terminals in Poland in the amount of 6-8 billion cubic meters annually with its further transportation to European countries via a hub on the basis of Ukrainian underground storages. These plans shared the Deputy Minister of energy and protection of the environment Konstantin Chizhik in an interview to “Interfax-Ukraine”.

США и Украина хотят создать газовый хаб на базе украинских хранилищ и ГТС

We have already signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the American company Louisiana natural gas Exports, Inc. Moreover, they were ready to sign a Memorandum with specific numbers and obligations, but legally, we need some time for practicing all the questions to empower relevant authorities to sign such a contract,“he said.

The operator in this project will be either “Trunk gas pipelines of Ukraine”, or “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, but, given the geopolitical weight of this project, its implementation will be held under the patronage of President Vladimir Zelensky.

This is an unprecedented polnomasshtabnoy project that will enhance energy and geopolitical independence of European countries from the Russian Federation and will have a big economic effect.

It is a question of energy independence and the security of our country and the region as a whole. Thus, we reduce the dependency of the whole of Europe from Russia, what, in particular, is the idea of American power. From an economic point of view, what we say, means that Ukraine will not just be a hub, where the gas will enter to then go to Europe. We are talking about the entry of Ukraine as the state capital in the entire chain: from gas production in the United States until its sale to Europe“, – concluded the Deputy Minister.

To launch the project will take two to three years, as Poland could not accept 6-8 billion cubic meters of gas.

Ukraine, having the largest gas storages in the world, ready soon to take this amount of gas, and it does not require significant investment in infrastructure.

But now the Polish route allows you to transport up to 2 billion cubic meters of gas. Necessary reconstruction and extension of the gas pipeline on the Polish side. Also in its plans the construction of a new LNG terminal, “–said the Deputy Minister.

He added that the participation of the Polish side in this project are resolved with the United States.

I personally met with the Deputy Ministers of energy and economy of the United States, Deputy Secretary of state, and the issue was considered a priority. And made such a political arrangement. Also, the project is prepared in close contact with the American Embassy, “–said the Deputy head of Minamaneho.