The United States will impose new sanctions against Iran within 48 hours, said Donald trump (PHOTO)

США введут новые санкции в отношении Ирана в течение 48 часов, заявил Дональд Трамп (ФОТО)

The United States will impose “very significant” sanctions against Iran within the next two days. This was announced on Wednesday by the President of the United States Donald trump, speaking to reporters upon arrival in San Diego.

“We will add a very significant sanctions against Iran. We would announce in the next 48 hours,” said the American President. His words leads TASS.

Trump also said that he had instructed the head of the U.S. Treasury Stephen Mnuchin significantly tighten sanctions against Iran. According to the President, United States “is in a very strong position” on Iran, but you are not talking about the war.

“There are plenty of options view. We now occupy a very strong position. I’m not talking about this [military] option,” said trump.

In Tehran said that the United States pursue a policy of economic terrorism, the purpose of which are the ordinary Iranian citizens. This was stated on Wednesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif, commenting on behalf of the American leader Donald trump to toughen sanctions against Tehran.

“This is recognition of the fact that the US is deliberately targeting ordinary [Iranian] citizens: economic terrorism, illegal and inhuman,” wrote the Minister of foreign Affairs in his microblog Twitter.

The ominous statement was also made by U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. He arrived on Wednesday in Jeddah to meet with Saudi crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud. The main theme of his meetings with the Saudi leadership is the discussion of attacks on oil facilities in the Kingdom on 14 September and the response to the attacks.

“Attacks on the factories of the company Saudi Aramco is an act of war,” said Pompeo.

He accused Tehran of their organization. “The attack was not from Yemen, this Iranian attack,” said Pompeo.

The visit of the head of the American foreign Ministry coincided with the holding in Riyadh press conference in the Ministry of defence of the country, where the journalists were shown the wreckage of the drone and the tail of the missiles used in attacks on factories company Saudi Aramco. The official representative of the defense Ministry Colonel Turki al-Maliki blamed it on Iran of involvement in attacks, saying the attacks were used up to 18 drones Delta Wing type with an improved positioning system and seven high-precision cruise missile the Ya Ali. However, he was forced to admit that the exact place where the weapon was launched, is not yet established. “We have many ways to determine the location of the start, despite the fact that Iran is trying to hide information, he said. – All the obtained data we share with the UN and our allies. Those who launched these missiles will be brought to justice.”

The official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Kingdom urged the international community to “take action and stop Iran.” “Coming from him the threat of his evil deeds affect everyone, not just Saudi Arabia, he said. – I am sure that we can accurately determine who bears involved in attacks, and bring them to justice. Our relationship with the United States is very strong, we work together to confront the Iranian threat, to maintain security and stability.”

Two of the largest enterprises of the national oil company Saudi Aramco in Hail and Horise was attacked on the night of 14 September. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the rebel Houthis of Yemen of the movement “Ansar Allah”, saying that sabotage was used 10 bombs drones. As a result of explosions and fires caused by these air strikes, mining the world’s largest exporter of oil almost halved.

Half of the lost output has been restored to the evening of 17 September. To return to previous levels of production, Saudi Arabia hopes to October. Oil supply fully resumed due to the use of oil reserves.