The unprecedented level of violence: protests in Portland cost local businesses $23 million

Local businesses in Portland (Oregon), has suffered damage at about $23 million and lost customers due to violent protests in the United States that gripped the city. This writes Fox Business.

Беспрецедентный уровень насилия: протесты в Портленде обошлись местным предприятиям в $23 млн

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At the briefing, police Deputy Sheriff Chris Davis said the intensity of violence by a “corps of agitators” and the duration of the protests, which for the sixth week there are in the largest city of Oregon, is unprecedented.

Davis drew a clear distinction between protesters Black Lives Matter, which, according to him, was not cruel, and a small group of people — he repeatedly called them “agitators”.

“There is a very big difference between the protests and the chaos that we saw every night. The Black Lives Matter movement is not violent. The story, which we’ll talk today about a small group of agitators trying to steal the idea of the protests and use it as a cover for criminal activities,” he said.

Protesters in the past 41 consecutive nights organised protest against racial injustice and brutality by the police after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and they increasingly focus their actions on Federal property, including Federal court Mark O. Hatfield in the business district in the city centre.

Government has reiterated on several occasions the riot and used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. A recently published decision of the Federal court prohibits the police to use tear gas when riot announced, but critics dispute the definition of “rebellion” and those who take the decision to qualify the protest as an illegal event.

Last week police used tear gas on the next day after the Governor of a state Kate brown signed a bill banning its use, if the revolt was not declared. This prompted brown and speaker of the house of representatives of Oregon Tina Kotek publicly call mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the Commissioner of police to rein in the Department and to decelerate its interaction with the protesters.

Davis defended the decision to use tear gas and said an alternative is to send officers in a chaotic crowd, which can lead to injuries as officers and protesters.

“I’ll be very happy if will be able to continue his career and we won’t have to use gas,” he said.

“The reason why we see more and more use of tear gas, tied to do the unprecedented levels of violence that we see, not with what we’re trying to find excuses to use it. And it would be irresponsible on our part to reduce the definition of rebellion, so that we can quickly use gas,” — said the Mayor of Portland.

Wednesday, July 8, the President of the police Union said he is not sure that the city leaders will take steps to stop the protests.

“Our officers spent weeks suffering the stones, bricks, bottles, mortars and other items that were used against them, said Union President Daryl Turner. — Enough. Those who puts on a badge and uniform every day, people are people too”.

On Tuesday, July 7, the lawyer of Oregon announced Federal charges against seven protesters who were charged with damage to property of the Federal court and the attack on Federal officials. In addition, the police arrested two persons on charges of arson of a police station.




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