The US announced a grant of $250 thousand for exposing the lies of Russia on coronavirus

The state Department commented on the statement of the Russian Embassy in connection with the announcement of the grant for the report on the Russian campaigns, writes “Voice of America”.

США объявили грант на $250 тысяч за разоблачение лжи России о коронавирусе

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Warning the international community about threats caused by the numerous attempts of Russia to use the public health challenges for the dissemination of disinformation and propaganda is an important element of U.S. actions in pandemic COVID-19.

This was stated by the spokesman of the Russian service “voice of America” in response to a request to comment on the statement of the Russian Embassy in Washington in connection with the announcement of the competition for the grant for the preparation of the report on the Russian campaigns of disinformation in the field of health.

In the contest for the grant of us state Department volume of 250 thousand dollars can make the participation of American and foreign NGOs, educational institutions and commercial organizations.

“It will be a one-stage competitive process. Interested candidates will submit a full proposal addressing all objectives of the program. Proposals will be carefully evaluated by the Commission. When considering the application will take into account the application meets program objectives, and the applicant’s ability to achieve results on goals. Directorate GEC Russia offers to provide the award organization with expertise in countering Russian disinformation analysis and programming, and strategies of interaction with the public and the media, to report about the Russian and Soviet disinformation campaigns related to health. Experts in this field reveal and raise awareness about these efforts,” — said on the official page of the grant.

США объявили грант на $250 тысяч за разоблачение лжи России о коронавирусе

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Commenting on the announcement of the grant, the Russian Embassy in the United States claims that during a global epidemic, claiming the lives of thousands of people in both countries, in the United States “effort directed towards the search for an external enemy”.

“These grants reveal the true mood, thoughts and way of thinking of partners from the state Department. Even in a period of severe global epidemic, when we – and Russia and the United States – are losing thousands of citizens, and all would have to unite the efforts are focused on the search for an external enemy. On it is supposed to be guilt – totally or partially – for the shortcomings of their own authorities, — is told in the message of the Embassy on Facebook. — Influential Russophobic forces in Washington – on Capitol hill and in the government – never stop destructive activities. They work on their program, not paying attention to the signals emanating from the head of their own state”.

США объявили грант на $250 тысяч за разоблачение лжи России о коронавирусе


Also, the Embassy stated that in early may, the presidents of the United States and Russia “in a telephone conversation stressed the historical significance of the allied relations that linked our peoples during the Second world war and helped to defeat a common enemy,” adding that when discussing the situation around pandemic coronavirus “was given a positive assessment to bilateral cooperation”.

Remembered about the Russian plane with humanitarian aid that “first landed in new York” in April (recall that in the emergency management USA (FEMA) announced that for this “help” the state Department has received from Russia a bill for $659 283 — ed.)

“From the coronavirus wash it off can. From Russophobia – it is impossible. I would like to ask a rhetorical question. Not it would be useful to direct these 250 thousand dollars. to help countries in need, to save someone’s life?”, — spoke at the Embassy.


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