The US announced it was ready to trump a military response to Turkey over Syria. In Russia do not believe that it would be in reality (PHOTO)

The US President Donald trump “fully ready” to use military force against Turkey because of its “operation peace” in Syria.

The head of the White house to take this step upon the occurrence of the event requiring such action, said the United States Secretary of state Michael Pompeo in an interview with CNBC.

The head of the American foreign Ministry did not specify what actions Ankara is able to trigger a US military response. But he added that Washington “prefers peace to war”. Pompeo also mentioned the measures of economic and diplomatic character to which the United States is ready to go.

Earlier Monday, U.S. President Donald trump has threatened Turkey duties and sanctions in case of unacceptable behavior on her part. And on October 14 he signed the Executive decree on sanctions against Turkey with regard to its military operation in Syria. This document trump instructed the heads of the state Department and the U.S. Treasury to decide against whom it will impose restrictive measures. We are talking about individuals who “impede the cease-fire in Northern Syria” and prevent a political settlement in the Arab country.

Commenting on the words of Pompeo, in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation stated that it was not a statement about the intention of military intervention, but rather a continuation of the controversy with Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan. Before the actual use of military force is unlikely to reach, said TASS, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

“What should happen to the US attack on Turkey, it is not clear from the words and the Pompeo. And the fact that he drew “red lines”, confirmed that this must be something extraordinary, like a deliberate attack on Turkey stationed in the region the us military. Unlikely to come, and therefore all remain at their: Erdogan will continue to demonstrate an independent line in the Syrian and Kurdish Affairs, and Washington wagged his finger, and return to sanctions and diplomacy, which, incidentally, he said, and the Secretary of state”, believes Kosachev.

According to him, Washington wants to demonstrate resolve and at the same time to show that he remembers about the Kurds and has not abandoned them, “said almost all the criticism of trump.” “Otherwise, it would trump immediately after the words “the friend” Erdogan threatens to war,” the Senator said.

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov also believes that trump’s statement about the readiness for the war with Turkey is just rhetoric. since there was not yet such that the US threatened strikes ally in NATO. “From unprecedented: according to Pompeo, the tramp is ready for military action against Turkey (!). Still it was not like the US threatened strikes ally in NATO. Like the rhetoric,” wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

17 October was held in Ankara, U.S.-Turkish negotiations. The delegation of the United States they were headed by Vice-President Michael Penny. During the meeting the parties reached an agreement on suspension of hostilities – Turkey has agreed to 120 hours of cease fire to Kurdish coalition “Forces of a democratic Syria”, left the area of border security zone created by Ankara.

Following the talks, Pence also said that Washington would not impose new sanctions against Ankara and will cancel existing in relation to it, when there will be a “permanent ceasefire” in the area of the Turkish operation in Syria.