The US demanded that Syria and Russia to cease attacks on civilian targets, after reports of new airstrikes on the school and the hospital (PHOTO)

США потребовали от Сирии и РФ прекратить обстрелы гражданских объектов после сообщений о новых авиаударах по школе и больнице (ФОТО)

Syrian troops with the support of Russia for the last two days has caused the air strikes on school, hospital and residential buildings, resulting in 12 people were killed, about 40 were injured. This was announced on Twitter by the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, without specifying in what part of Syria it happened.

Pompeo added that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia should resolve this situation as part of the process, supported by the United Nations, and to cease hostilities in the areas populated by civilians. State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus circulated in his Twitter statement which said that the US “strongly condemned” the air strikes on civilian targets in Syria.

She noted that as a result of these attacks, in addition to civilians killed, humanitarian workers, destroyed the civilian infrastructure in Idlib province and elsewhere in North-West Syria. “The last recorded incidents reflect a well-documented scheme of attacks on civilians and infrastructure by the Russian and Syrian forces,” – said in a statement Ortagus.

She added that only in the North-West of the country, “the murderous war machine” of Assad’s regime claimed the lives and resulted in the injury of thousands of people, most of them women and children. “This violence and destruction must be stopped”, – wrote the representative of the state Department. The defense Ministry has not yet commented on the new accusations from the United States.

November 8 the UN representative for human rights Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva that over the past six months in Idlib province were attacked more than 60 medical institutions, four of them this week. According to him, these objects seem to have been deliberately selected as targets of forces associated with the Syrian government.

Russia has repeatedly been accused of involvement in air strikes on civilian targets in Syria. In mid-October, the newspaper the New York Times reported that in may, the Russian military bombed from the air four Syrian hospital for 12 hours. Each of them, according to the world health organization, was supported by the United Nations “list of conflict resolution”, that is, they had to be protected from attacks.

Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said, “serious publication was the victim of manipulation by terrorists and British intelligence”, as represented in the published evidence of the attack “not worth the paper on which they were printed”.

Damascus and Moscow has consistently argued that the strikes are only exactly confirmed order and the positions of militants. Shortly before the NYT article, the defense Ministry arranged a press tour for Russian and foreign journalists “the caves of terrorists” in Idlib, where the hospitals and depots of arms and ammunition, prisons, niches to shelter tanks, gas masks, food and sanitary facilities.

In June, the media reported that Syrian doctors have to hide the location of their clinics from the UN for air strikes on them. The UN after a series of air attacks of the Russian-Syrian coalition in the provinces of Idlib and Hama has asked Russia detailed information about how it uses the coordinates of the location of hospitals in Syria. The UN noted that hospitals are air-strikes ever since, as Russia-backed Syrian forces launched an offensive in Idlib in the end of April.