The US has accused Russia of involvement in the riots in Chile (PHOTO)

США обвинили Россию в причастности к беспорядкам в Чили (ФОТО)

The U.S. state Department claims that Russia is using the trolling in social networks tried to influence riots in Chile. According to representatives of the state Department, some people took advantage of the unrest in Chile and “distorted the situation by using social networks and abuse trolling”. “We have seen signs of activity in support of the negative outcome of the debate in society”, – stated in the state Department (quoted by Reuters).

As said the representative office, foreign intervention was not the sole cause of the escalation of the situation in Chile, but, in his opinion, Russia “has sought to exacerbate differences and to foment conflict” and prevent a “robust democratic debate.” Chilean authorities have not reacted to the accusations against Russia.

October sixth in the country increased the price of the subway fare by 30 Chilean peso (0,042 dollar), which led to protests. Residents opposed to the inability to get a decent free education and health services, low salaries and growth rates. Initially peaceful rally by 18 October escalated into clashes with police officers – people set up barricades, caused damage to many metro stations, set fire to shopping centers, buses in major cities was tightened military and armored vehicles.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency in the capital and several other towns and decided to cancel the rise in prices for journey in public transport. He also announced the introduction of new measures of social support of the population, including the increase in pensions and the reduction in electricity tariffs. For their implementation it is planned to spend 1.2 billion dollars.

However, on Monday, the protests resumed in the centre of Santiago, in the Plaza Italia, a traditional venue for protests gathered people who wanted to claim that life in the country has not yet returned to normal. This resulted in clashes with the military were erected barricades, set fire to one of the metro stations, was was a major fire in one of the shopping centers, which was brought under control several hours later. Thousands of people took to the streets in the regions: against the background of these protests, the Chilean authorities did not conduct the previously planned APEC summit and the UN conference on climate change.