The US has filed a lawsuit against Snowden, accusing him of violating gag order (PHOTO)

США подали в суд на Сноудена, обвинив его в нарушении подписки о неразглашении (ФОТО)

The United States authorities have filed a lawsuit against a former employee of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) and national security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden. As they say in a statement on Tuesday, the press service of the U.S. justice, Snowden published memoirs of Permanent Record (“Personal”) violated the agreement on non-disclosure, which he signed, working in the American intelligence services.

“Edward Snowden has violated obligations to the United States, which he assumed when he signed the agreement in the framework of the CIA and NSA employee”, – reads the statement of the assistant attorney General Jody hunt.

As follows from the materials of the Ministry of justice, the lawsuit filed in the Eastern district of Virginia. Defendants in the lawsuit, in addition to Snowden, these structures, published his memoirs. “Intelligence information exists to use it to enhance national security, and not to enrich themselves,” said attorney for the Eastern district of Virginia Zachary Terwilliger. It was his office involved in this case together with the staff of the Ministry of justice.

Ex-NSA employee Edward Snowden believes that his life has not undergone too radical a change after moving to Russia. He stated this on Tuesday at a teleconference meeting on the occasion of the publication of his memoirs. It was broadcast on the website of the German newspaper Zeit Online.

“I live a normal life, he said. Spending a lot of time in the computer room, but at the same time go out on walks to the Park with my wife, go to restaurants”. According to Snowden, his life “has not undergone too radical of a change compared to what it could be in new York or Tokyo.” “My life in the field of communications.” he added, while stressing that it is important to have access to the Internet.

Edward Snowden believes that among all European countries only Russia’s foreign policy is sufficiently independent to grant him asylum. “I suppose so, a little sad and very instructive that in the whole of Europe, apparently, there is only one country whose foreign policy is sufficiently independent so that the American whistleblower could be heard,” stated Snowden. He stressed that “granting asylum to whistleblowers should not be viewed as a hostile action.”

Snowden has expressed bewilderment in connection with the fact that “throughout Europe among long-standing friends and allies of the US have no other country” who have expressed their willingness to grant asylum to whistleblowers. According to him, these States fear that US intelligence agencies can take some retaliatory measures, including to restrict the provision of information.

Ex-NSA employee drew attention to the fact that regularly criticizes the attitude of the Russian authorities. This, as repeatedly emphasized by Snowden, is an indication that it does not work on Moscow.

Snowden recognized that he had to choose between keeping state secrets and a commitment to constitutional principles. “I took an oath not the CIA and not the US government, and took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, he said. – This is the main conflict: to observe whether the non-disclosure of classified information when the government violates the Constitution”.

He stressed that he does not believe in fair trial of his case in the United States. “A fair trial can not be, because the charges I brought against the law on offenses involving strict liability, he explained. – This means that in the course of the trial it is impossible to discuss the question of the causes of action, regardless of whether these actions are useful to society or not. May not be a fair trial, if you cannot explain the motives of their actions.”