The US has sent to Ukraine transmitters to extend broadcasting beyond the control of government of the territories (PHOTO)

США отправили на Украину передатчики для расширения вещания на неподконтрольных правительству территориях (ФОТО)

The United States has provided Ukraine equipment for electronic broadcasting of Ukrainian media on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, said Friday at a press conference Deputy assistant gossekretar USA George Kent.

“Assistance in different areas of the United States is having in 2014, the current project is the largest expansion of Ukrainian media in the East and South of the country”, – quotes the Kent Agency TASS.

The official added that given the equipment “will provide access to a variety of public and commercial stations,” which broadcast in other regions of Ukraine.

As said member of the National Council on television and radio broadcasting Sergei Kostinsky, the extension of the Ukrainian broadcasting outside government control areas and in the areas bordering them, will place 11 transmitters, transferred to Ukraine in the framework of a joint project with the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID).

According to Local, the project was established by the Commission under the Ministry of information policy in 2018 and moved to the final stage, the establishment of transmitters scheduled to be completed in the coming months.

He added that in 2014 the government-controlled areas were left without television. “But in 2015 were installed 4 new powerful transmitter in the most difficult regions of Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson regions,” – said a member of the National Council.

In 2018, the national Council together with the Ministry of information policy of the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies, Concern of broadcasting, radio and television have developed a placement plan 11 powerful transmitters to provide a carpet spread digital signal Ukrainian TV channels along the demarcation line and the border with the Crimea.
“This project, which was supported by USAID”, as we expect, should put point in the development of digital television in the East and South of Ukraine,” – said Kostinsky.