The US has threatened Egypt with sanctions for the purchase of Russian su-35 (PHOTO)

США пригрозили Египту санкциями за покупку российских истребителей Су-35 (ФОТО)

The United States warned Egypt on the possible introduction of sanctions in case of purchase of su-35 from Russia. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing an unnamed representative of the U.S. state Department.

The same warning was sounded in a joint letter that Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of defense mark Esper sent to the Minister of defence and military industry of Egypt, Mohammed Zaki. The letter States that a major military deal with Russia “at least difficult” of a similar deal between Egypt and the United States, as well as cooperation in the field of security.

The us state Department officially refused to comment on the WSJ message, however, reminded that the U.S. calls allies and partners to abandon transactions in the field of intelligence or defense with Russia, which may lead to sanctions in the framework of the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATSA), writes TASS.

Earlier, the White house had intended to threaten Turkey with sanctions for the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400. The contract for their delivery value of 2.5 billion dollars was signed in September 2017. Ankara until the spring of 2020, will deploy two divisions of s-400. Advisor to the President for national security Robert O’brien on Sunday said that “the Russian s-400 has no place in NATO,” noting that “Turkey will fully feel the impact of sanctions,” and trump during the meeting with Erdogan, “when he is here, will understand it very well.”

However, according to The Washington Post, instead of threats and sanctions trump, most likely, intends to offer Erdogan a package of incentives for refusing military cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to improve U.S.-Turkish relations. The Washington administration also insists that Turkey was not “commissioned” systems s-400, that they could not have access to means of communication and protection of American fighters F-35. In this case, Ankara may return to the program is the creation of multi-role fighters F-35 and to avoid sanctions.