The US imposed sanctions against Ramzan Kadyrov, he said the picture with the guns

The US state Department has made the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in the “black list” and imposed sanctions against it. A statement by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo published on the Agency’s website, says “Rain”.

США ввели санкции против Рамзана Кадырова: он ответил фотографией с пулеметами

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The statement said that the U.S. Department of state has extensive evidence to say that Kadyrov is responsible for human rights violations, torture and extrajudicial killings in the last ten years.

The introduction of “black list” means a ban on entry into the United States. Prior to this, Kadyrov has made in the sanctions list of the Treasury Department of the United States, forbidding him to have assets in the country.

Also sanctions are imposed against wife Medni Kadyrova and his daughters, Aishat and Karina.

“We call on countries that have the same views (like the USA), to the adoption of similar measures,” — said in a statement.

Kadyrov in response to the statement Pompeo on the introduction of new sanctions, said that “taking the fight” and posted a photo with a firearm, writes “TASS”.

“Pompeo, we accept the battle! Next will be more interesting!”, — Kadyrov wrote in the Telegram.

США ввели санкции против Рамзана Кадырова: он ответил фотографией с пулеметами

Photo: screenshot Telegram @Kadyrov_95

Kadyrov also had to post a photo of the Armory, where he holds in his hands two light machine guns.

Pompeo previously said that the United States has imposed sanctions against the head of Chechnya, which Washington believes are involved in violations of human rights.

Kadyrov against the U.S. already imposed sanctions. The US Treasury 20 December 2017 added in “the list Magnitsky” the head of Chechnya, which the us administration has accused of involvement in “extrajudicial killings, torture and other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights”.

Also in the sanctions list had included other representatives of authorities and law enforcement bodies of Chechnya.

On 15 July, the US imposed sanctions against three people and five companies associated with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to the state, they helped Prigogine to evade us sanctions and to intervene in the politics of African countries.


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